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FACT: In 1988, LTD was the First Miniature horse breeder to dedicate their breeding program exclusively to raising the Overo Color Patterns in a show quality miniature who would mature under 34". At this time the overo color patterns were very rare and most miniature enthusiasts had no idea what the word "Overo" meant or looked like. When LTD's Magic Man was only 6 months old, we took him to various sales and shows in order to educate others on what the Medicine Hat Frame Overo pattern was. We were told by several of the oldest, most prominent breeders that "Magic Man" was the smallest, correct overo miniature they had ever seen. One very well known breeder gazed at him for a couple of hours and stated,"I have been to every farm in the United States and Canada and been looking for the overo pattern in a miniature this small. You could drive the wheels off of your truck and trailer and will never find another one like "him", meaning LTD's Magic Man."

FICTION: Since then many established and new breeders have jumped on the Overo Band Wagon. Some of these breeders are claiming to have several generations of overo genetics that originated ONLY from horses who are only under 34". They say their horses will never produce an oversized animal. Please remember that ALL MINIATURES, regardless of color, had to originate somewhere and that somewhere is from bigger stock! It is misleading to say that you will NEVER get a throwback or oversized horse when breeding 34" and under miniatures together. You can reduce that chance of over sized to a very low percentage, but you CAN NOT eliminate it completely. We call ourselves "Home of the Honest Overo", because we do not try to hide this fact. On the contrary, we let every interested party know that we had to work for several years to put a Quality Concentrated Overo Breeding Program together that has been producing beautiful overos who mature under 34" for several years.

FACT: Follow these steps and you will be on the road to success:
1. Remember that Concentration and Commitment is the key.... To date, LTD has bred more True Honest Overo Miniatures than any other breeder! The horses we have sold have proven themselves and continued to sire/produce more beautiful overos for their new owners.

2. Purchase proven horses or related stock and be a careful, selective breeder. Check out the sources.... MAKE SURE THEY HAVE BEEN CONTINUOUSLY SUCCESSFUL IN RAISING OVEROS, not just getting lucky every once in awhile.

3. Learn from a trusted breeder,who knows the honest background of the stock they are using.... We all know there can be many inaccuracies in paperwork, anything from size to color to pedigree. Who can be positively certain, that ALL of their stock is as it says on the papers? Unless they have raised it, or all previous background has been DNA Tested, there is no way of knowing for certain.

FACT: Our program has come full circle and for the last several years we have been breeding "LTD's Magic Man" to outstanding AMHA/AMHR mares. "Magic" is triple registered,AMHR/AMHA/PtHA. Although his TRUE and HONEST overo heritage came from the "B" sizes on his dams side (she is a 3rd generation overo bred mare)LTD's Magic Man has CONSISTANTLY SIRED foals that stay well under 34", even when bred to the "B" size mares. He has proven himself time and time again through his get!!

FACT: LTD is currently the BREEDER of TWO OF THE VERY SMALLEST TRUE, HONEST OVERO STALLIONS in any Miniature Horse Registry!
Magic Mans Bows and Arrow is a beautiful 3 year old dun Frame Overo that is ONLY 27.5" and AMHA/AMHR registered. He has already sired 2 overos from his first foal crop of 3!
Magic Mans Top Talent, also registered AMHA/AMHR, was born on April 9th, 1999 and measured a tiny 14" at birth. He is show quality and correct in every way. They are both sons of LTD's Magic Man who came from EXTENSIVE OVERO BACKGROUND.

If you want to raise Overos, they will make you a HAPPY BREEDER INSTEAD OF A WISHFUL ONE!
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